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Family Chapter Enrollment

ICC Membership Options 2022–2023

Chapter Year begins June 16, 2022 and ends June 15, 2023

When your sponsor has completed the training and is equipped, you will receive information about how to enroll in your chapter.

NOTE: A New Family Enrollment Fee is charged when there is any lapse in membership.

Young Speakers Guild Portfolios are purchased separately in the ICC Store HERE.

Membership Enrollment Windows

These are the times in the chapter year where we open “windows” for receiving new members.

Renewal is the period when returning members renew their memberships with no administrative charge as with new members.

Enrollment Period for Renewal and New Membership

  • April 6– May 18

Enrollment Periods for New Membership

  • June 1–8
  • August 17–31
  • September 7–14
  • September 21–Oct 5
  • October 19–26
  • November 2– 9
  • January 18–25 – Semester Sign-up
    (Reduced Rates for Half Year)