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Young Speakers Guild Portfolio 3

Young Speakers Guild Portfolio 3

YSG 3 Objectives

  • Apply and share biblical foundations for speaking
  • Solidify and teach the six-step approach to the public platform
  • Develop a personal testimony and share it in different settings
  • Adapt a message to effectively communicate with different audiences
  • Research current events
  • Analyze news media sources

Product Description

2010 Edition

With your participation in a local ICC chapter, you have access to the Young Speakers Guild Curriculum Guide designed to assist the adult coaching a student. Currently, this product is only available for use by ICC Chapter Members and is located in Navigator.

Mastery is accomplished through structured learning with real-world implementation and real-time feedback either in a class or chapter setting.

Purchase Details

  • Instant eBook Download
  • Download links expire one week from purchase.
  • Non-Refundable
  • Consumable: Purchase one per student

Be sure to DOWNLOAD to your computer’s hard drive prior to the expiration of link.

Printing Instructions

This is intended to be consumable, and one copy must be purchased per student.

This download is designed to be printed front to back (two sided).

PERMISSION: You may need to show a printer that you have permission to copy this document. For that purpose, you’ll find a statement to print in your confirmation email.

Be aware that you may incur a fee for the printing of blank pages if you do not print the download at home. Our formatting allows coaching forms and evaluations to be given to a coach or evaluator without loss of portfolio content (on the other side of the form).

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Young Speakers Guild Portfolio 3